My name is Ryan, and I am a therapist in Portland, Oregon. I work with clients on a diverse range of issues, such as depression, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, life transitions, relationship issues, personal growth, LGBTQ issues, and polyamory & consensual non-monogamy.

It is my belief that within each of us lies the potential for personal growth and positive change. I use an Existential-Humanistic approach to therapy, which involves exploring and discovering one's unique and authentic self. In this work, we will explore themes such as choice, responsibility, meaning, purpose, and authenticity so that you may discover a more intentional way of being.

I also believe that we experience distress when we struggle to reconcile the way things are with the way we want things to be. When this is the case, it can feel like we’ve lost control of our lives, that the world is happening to us, or we’ve lost a sense of who we are. I help clients become empowered to reclaim their lives so that they may live intentionally, authentically, and with integrity, as active players in the creation of their own life experience.

-Ryan Brown, MA, LPC-Intern


Next Steps...

I believe the most powerful tool in therapy to be the relationship between client and therapist. That's why I offer a free 30-minute consultation for us to determine if we'd be a good fit together.

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